The inspiration for Machine Elves started when i read a book called “DMT: The Spirit Molecule”, by Dr. Rick Strassman.

After decades of stonewalling by the federal government, he was granted access to the highly classified drug dimethyltryptamine , or DMT, a molecule found in nearly every living organism and considered the most potent psychedelic on earth. He recorded his research on human test subjects in his book (and subsequent movie).

One must understand that the DMT “trip” is unlike any other known to man. All known reality ceases to exist and the user is transported, entirely, into the beyond with no connection to the substance of their actual life. For some, it is truly terrifying. For others, it is incredibly life changing.

However, the pillar of Dr. Strassman’s  study was an astounding fact; the repetitive experience of a multitude of users of the drug in which they encountered “entities” while under the influence of DMT.

These entities were dubbed “Machine Elves” by the late Terrence McKenna; proponent of psychedelic drugs, teacher, philosopher, speaker and author.

Though the appearance of the entities varies from “elf” to “gnome” to “lizard-like” to “cat-like”, there is an archetypical pattern of behavior in which they appear to be trying to teach the user “something” of greater purpose. There is generally a feeling that the entities are neither good nor evil, although the experience can move to either side to some degree.

Whatever the case, i found it fascinating that, unlike any other psychedelic substance, the experience of these entities seems to exist completely outside of the mind and experience of the user and is shared by anyone using DMT who makes it far enough along the journey.

And i wondered, as Dr. Strassman did, what the implications may be if it’s all real.

The Machine Elves texts by Nicolas Moulard

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